We live in a world of modern convenience.

Convenience store is a block away? There’s a car for that. Office is one flight of stairs away? There’s an elevator for that.

So this brings up the question…

Why make life harder?

An Illness of Sedentation

There are few external influences in modern society that…

Have you ever seen what happens to a cold rubber band? It’s not pretty. Cold and elasticity don’t go well together.

But do you know your muscles are essentially large (more complex) rubber bands? Just like with elastic bands, when they aren’t in the mood to stretch, they tear. …

I’m willing to bet most people discover losing weight isn’t complicated once they do it. It may not be easy, but it’s far from the most difficult undertaking in life.

Certainly there are unique individual circumstances, but for the most part, it’s a matter of maintaining a calorie deficit.


It’s the era of fat acceptance, where “society” has seemingly decided obesity is not only okay, but normal and healthy.

It’s a movement I assume began with good intentions, by trying to minimize the stress and shame of obesity. While that is perfectly noble, it’s also utterly short sighted. Fat…

Derek Vasselin

Providing people control over their health and weight with the lifestyle tools they’re missing. Disciple of MBSC.

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